Strength for SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing stand for Search Engine Optimization; It’s a essential part whenther is small-scale to corporate company who needs this services all the time. Although it takes more time that SEO or other Digital Marketing services, but it’s a sustainable development channel on your marketing journey.

SEO will improve your branding  SERP compare with your competitors, domain authority and it’s increasing a trust to your potential client to be your real customers and also you can provide a better online user experience to your customer.

Why do you need EDigital as your SEO Marketing agency?

EDigital Hong Kong provides full support for SEO marketing. We all knew that SEO is a on-going a non-stoppable process in digital marketing market. We can provide all-rounded SEO marketing services, including: Technical SEO, On-Site SEO and Off site SEO. The frequency of SEO algorithm is changing all the time. So our package will divided Technical SEO as a Setup package and other two plan are on-going maintenance services.

Website Design Package

Technical SEO Setup

  • maximum of 10 pages
  • includes one language website
  • CMS system (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify)
  • standard website layout
  • no payment gateway
  • hosting services with Domain, training
  • account management.

On-Site SEO

  • up to 100 pages
  • includes up to three language websites, CMS system (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify)
  • website UX & UI
  • no payment gateway
  • hosting services and domain with security
  • account management.

Off site SEO

  • up to 100 SKU
  • up to three language websites
  • includes CMS systems (Woo-Commerce, Shopify, etc)
  • SKU product editing
  • product upload and description
  • payment gateway
  • special requests
  • account management.

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